CALA - Immigration Helpline

Immigration Helpline

Immigration Helpline

CALA provides a free helpline to any immigrant caller without access to an attorney. Every caller will receive a free immigration screening and legal consultation. The helpline operates both in English and Spanish and will be regularly checked every weekday. All calls will be returned for a free immigration screening within 7 days.

One panicked woman called because ICE agents had knocked on her door that morning and took her husband with no explanation after asking to see his ID. At the time of the call she had no idea where he was or how to contact him.

Another caller asked how she could protect her two special needs children from deportation if the threat arose. She was also interested in how she could begin to pay taxes. 

We receive countless calls from scared people whose time is limited. Some have received a letter from ICE, while others hear from their neighbors that the police are looking for them. The CALA Helpline exists to answer their questions and provide support for individuals and families who don't know where else to turn. 

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