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CALA relies on supporters like YOU to continue our important work. In a time when our current administration, large corporations and property management companies are unjustly exploiting and targeting our friends and neighbors, we need your help more than ever.

Your Donation Contributes to Justice

Volunteer your time, shop using AmazonSmile, set up regular donations, and purchase some apparel to support our community lawyering efforts.

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Please consider donating to CALA. Big or small, every little bit helps. All donations go directly toward our community lawyering efforts, including:

  • Our 6 community law offices: Our staff attorneys work in the communities they serve in offices operated and directed by our community activist partners. Our spaces are collaborative and so are our efforts.

  • Our 9 community partnerships: We maintain partnerships with 9 amazing community activist organizations across Chicago. We provide free legal services for eligible members of these organizations based on their specific needs.

  • Our 3 workshop programs: Our Know Your Rights, Family Emergency Preparedness, and Community Legal Education or Outreach workshops empower and provide pro bono legal help to  community members who need it most.

  • Our Immigration Helpline: Our free helpline operates 24/7 in both English and Spanish. We take calls from all over the US and offer legal advice to anyone facing immigration-related issues.

  • Our Activism Support Program: We provide free legal assistance to any activist facing unjust consequences for their activism work, including criminal or disciplinary proceedings, evictions and job loss.

We wouldn’t be able to do all this and more without YOUR support.

As always, thank you.

Community Activism and Empowerment